Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Double entendres around the KC blogosphere

It has been a busy week for double entendres out on the internets. Since I seem to be hitting a dry patch (hehe) lately, let's round up some of KC's best jokey jokes in the double meaning realm.

On Monday, KC's favorite Minneapolis transplant dedicated an entire post to a single double entendre. Kudos Keri Oke! She is super excited about the MN Vikings newest acquisition John David Booty. I think we can safely say that everyone is excited to hear all the sportscasters (or if you prefer to call them by that made-up, grammatically suspect word "commentator") unwittingly say all sorts of wonderful things like "Julius Peppers chases booty all over the backfield" or "Julius Peppers has slammed booty hard every chance he's had." Julius Peppers could be the second best name in football. I may actually watch some football this year. I mean we have the likelihood of hearing the words "sack" and "booty" in the same sentence. Awesome!

Last weekend half-baked handyman, blogger, and double-entendrent extraordinaire emawkc reported on a fascinating repair project.

It seems his drain pipe wasn't working properly. The ensuing description had him cleaning downspouts, submerging pipes in trenches, and even putting on a condom (sorta)

Lastly, Laura and Jenna Bush came to town recently. With a president named Bush I'm really disappointed that America hasn't made more of a mockery of him. On the other hand, he's doing a pretty good job on his own. Anyhow, little Jenna's all grown up now but it gives me chance to link to my favorite Onion headline of all time.


Spyder grabbed our attention by alerting us to the available of a great product: Motion Lotion!

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Spyder said...

Thanks DLC! I'm a bit afraid of the Motion Lotion myself as you saw what happened to non-gamer.