Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I know this might be a topic more appropriate for my other blog but since I haven't actually eaten at Chubby's this actually the more appropriate venue.

No I have never eaten at Chubby's, this apparently legendary KC establishment which has been serving up hangover breakfasts and late-night diner crap to westport drunkards since time immemorial. You know why? Well, I just assumed it was a strip club.

I haven't live in KC too long and don't tend to go out for 3am meals any more (takes away valuable drinking time). So every time I cruised up broadway I never paid it much attention.

But Chubby's? Really?

I've heard their food is good, but how good could it be?

I can't be the first one to make that joke.

Actually the quality of the food has apparently dropped off if the letter to the pitch a few weeks back is any indication. The letter was delightfully titled by the Pitch staff as "Ex-Chubby's Chaser." Last month the Star published a piece with a very telling quote from the Chubby's owner:
"Whenever the name comes up, people say, 'I’ve been there many a time at 3 a.m.'" said Vito LaBruzzo.

Do you understand how a guy could think they were dishing up lapdances instead of eggs benedict? Actually that would be a good euphemism for a lapdance.

Anyway what's really most interesting to me is the raging debate about whether "chubby" refers to a fully or partially erect member. While I don't bandy about the term with any regularity (you know, I'm not a crass guy), my gut tells me it indicates a half-baked bone. Any thoughts?

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