Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A history lesson and some pizza

Sounds fun doesn't it? Especially when the topic of conversation is none other than early Johnson County settler B.M. Crust!

Mr. Crust's bio is full of impressive accomplishments. For instance, he was apparently "the second actual squatter sovereign, in Leavenworth County." A squatter indeed.

In a lame attempt to improve the quality of this admittedly dubious post, I (against my better judgment) decided to google "bm crust." Imagine my surprise in discovering something called Pizza BM Crust all over the interwebs and so forth. Can you fathom the deliciousness?

This had me utterly confused for a while but eventually I figured it out: bread machine crust.


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m.v. said...

Have you heard a radio commercial "Bob Sight Kia- No BS", since Bob Sight is abbreviated BS, I don't get if they intended it to sound like that or was it an accident