Tuesday, May 6, 2008

More DE's in the KC blogosphere

Boy, Plog scooped the fuck out of me this week. A fantastic post about dirty names in baseball player history totally takes the cake and was inspired by the recent Chiefs acquisition of hilariously named Mike Cox. For the record, Mike Cox was already on my to-do list for this week. Also, having recently lived in Michigan, I can tell you that the Attorney General of that great state is also named Mike Cox. Anyhow, kudos to Plog--that's what happens when people get paid to dredge up and research double entendres.

For me, folks, it's just a labor of love.

Also Plog posted about a youtube video that another blogger had posted earlier (sorry can't remember who) featuring a Minnesota weatherman enthusiastically referring to Jared Allen's jersey number, #69. I'd embed it, but I'm too lazy.

I'd be remiss not to mention May's fabulous recent post title, "An Orgasm in My Mouth". Tony, for the record this is much more effective at garnering readership than borderline anorexic post-sorostitutes with photoshopped asses.

Lastly, XO, the inspirational figurehead of the local blogosphere dredged up a great picture of "Raper Park." This patch of recreational joy apparently offers restrooms and shelter for all who hangout there. Sorry this joke is becoming uncomfortable so I'll just stop now.

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